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Sell, rent-out products & advertise services, all in one platform!
Etikbee features
Features Etikbee .com Etikbee Pro
Branded e-commerce website    
Dedicated store on Etikbee.com    
No listing fees nor transaction fees for merchants    
List products for sale, for rent and services    
Manage products' stock and inventory    
When listing an item, it is possible to select a charity and donate a percentage of revenue upon transaction    
Customers can pay online with their credit/debits cards and PayPal    
View and manage customers orders    
Customers can request cancellation online    
Invoices are automatically generated for each transaction    
Transaction fees are paid by customers    
Customers can rent products online by booking via a calendar    
We collect customers' deposits on merchants behalf    
Manage account
Manage bank details to receive payments    
Manage company's / personal details    
Advanced delivery options such as 'merchant delivers', set free delivery from a threshold, set fixed delivery fee whether a customer orders one or many products    
Addresses management: add/remove addresses    
Change username, password and email address    
Chat with customers using the platform messaging system    
Customers can contact merchants using the platform messaging system    
Customers can review merchants