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Rent out, sell or provide services
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Sell products such as camera, groceries, mobile phone, CD, furniture, lawn mower, DIY tools, car, video games

To reduce resource consumption and increase reuse, we encourage selling second hand products.

If a category of products is available in the second hand market (e.g. bikes) we do NOT allow listing those products as new.


Rent out / hire products such as bike, car, DIY tools, lawn mower, furniture, video games, clothes,

In the long term, you can earn more money by renting out a product rather than selling it.

For example, a bike with a second hand market value of £80 can be rented for £20 per month, and can bring a yearly revenue of £220.


Advertise services such as products repair, training about zero waste, permaculture, insulation of properties, installation of energy efficient windows

Any services allowing to reuse and extend the life of existing products are welcome. Including services allowing companies and communities to practice more sustainable actions such as permaculture, pesticide free agriculture, the introduction of reusable bottles by companies rather than single use plastic bottles, etc...